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Update The Full Circle System for Use in Canada

Hey there to our sister Beauty Consultants in Canada! Today I'm going show you how you can use our Canadian Page Pack to update your Full Circle System Files in Canada.

First, open your New Consultant Packet in Canva.

On the left side of the screen click “Folders” and navigate to the folder where you saved your Canadian Pages Pack Canva Template. Click on the Canadian Pages Pack template to view the pages.

Take a look at what pages will need to be updated by scrolling through the pages displayed on the left in your Canadian Pages Pack. Now, navigate to the first one that appears in your New Consultant Packet on the right.

Once you've found it, click one time on that page so that it is selected. Then, click one time on the page you want to replace it from the pages on the left.

Canva will ask “Add template as a new page?” and display two buttons. Select the button that says “Replace current page.” This will delete the old page in your packet and add the new one in its place.

Repeat these steps for each of the pages in the Canadian Replacement Page Pack and your other Full Circle System Packets!

Congratulations! Your packet is now up to date for use in Canada.

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