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Add Your AnchorCard to Your Phone Home Screen Like an App

You can add a website icon to your phone's Home screen for quick access to that site. Please note: This does NOT turn your AnchorCard into an app. It simply saves a bookmark of your AnchorCard website for fast and easy access on your phone's home screen.

iPhone (Safari app) #

  • In the Safari app open your AnchorCard Digital Business Card
  • Tap the share cone (It looks like a box with an arrow pointing up coming out of it)
  • Tab “Add to Home Screen”
  • Update the title of your link to something short like “AnchorCard”
  • Click “Add” to save your home screen bookmark

Android (Google Chrome app) #

  • In Google Chrome open your AnchorCard Digital Business Card
  • Tap the three dots at the top-right of the Chrome window.
  • Tab “Add to Home screen.”

Please note: These instructions may vary based on your specific phone, it's age, and how up to date it is. If you have an older phone or your phone is not up to date you may not have this feature at all. A quick Google search for “How to add a home screen bookmark to (your specific phone make and model)” will help you understand if this is possible on your device!

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