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Update Your AnchorCard Profile Photo

Your profile photo is a great way to personalize your AnchorCard and build trust with your customer! Remember: Your photo doesn't have to be professionally taken. It just has to be authentically you.

Read the directions below or watch the following video to learn how to update your AnchorCard photo:

Watch this video to learn how to update your photo:

To update your AnchorCard photo go to or in your dashboard click “Account” then “Profile” from the menu.

If you have never uploaded a photo for your AnchorCard before, you will see a pink button that says “Add Image.”

If you have a photo already uploaded that you want to replace, you'll see the photo. To remove your old photo hover your mouse over the image then click the black circle with a white X inside. At this point, the pink button that says “Add Image” will appear.

Click the pink “Add Image” button, then click “Upload Files.” You can either drag and drop a photo into this box or you can click “Select Files” to choose a photo on your phone or computer.

Once you uploaded your photo, select it by clicking on it. You'll know that it has been selected because a blue box will appear on the outside of the image.

Click the blue “Select” button to add your photo to your AnchorCard.

To finish adding your photo, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the pink “Update” button.

Congratulations! You've added your beautiful new photo to your AnchorCard!

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