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How to Make Large Files Smaller (Images, PDFs, and More!)

Sometimes a picture or a PDF is too big to upload to a website or send as a text message or email so you need to make it smaller before you can upload it or share it. And it's surprisingly easy to do!

My favorite way is to use free online tools like!

On this website, you can upload your large photo, PDF, or other file and it will make it smaller automatically. Then, you can download the small version. works for lots of file types making it a great tool to have in your back pocket. Here are a few of the most common file types:

  • Documents: PDF, DOC, TXT
  • Images: JPG, PNG
  • Spreadsheets: XLS, CSV
  • Presentations: PPT, KEY
  • Video: MP4, MOV
  • Audio: MP3, MP4

3 simple steps to make your file smaller #

Or scroll down and watch my 1 minute video! #

  1. Upload: On, click the red “SELECT FILE” and choose the image that you want to make smaller.
  2. Compress: Once your image is uploaded, click the red “COMPRESS” button.
  3. Download: When your image is ready to download it will pop up on the screen with a green “DOWNLOAD” button. Click this button to save the picture to your phone, computer, or tablet?

Ready to compress your file?

Video Tutorial #

In this video tutorial, I use an image file but these instructions can also be used for any other file type that supports including PDFs, videos, documents, and more.

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