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Download Canva Documents

To begin using your Canva document, you first need to download it. Today I'm going to:

  • Explain the difference between the file types you can download
  • Give you practical examples of when you might use each file type so you can decide which is best for your situation
  • Show you how to download each files type

Files Types and When to Use Them #

Canva gives you 6 file types that you can download. Here are the 6 file types and what you need to know about each of them:

  • PNG: An image. A bigger file than a JPG. A bigger file means that it will take up more space on your computer or wherever you upload it. It can also mean that it takes longer to upload or send.
  • JPG: An image. A small file than a PNG. A smaller files means that it will take up less space on your computer or wherever you upload it. It can also mean that it is faster to upload or send.
  • PDF Standard: A PDF. A significantly smaller file than Canva's “PDF Print.” Best for home printing, sharing online, or storing on your computer.
  • PDF Print: A PDF. A significantly bigger file than Canva's “PDF Standard.” Best for a professional printer who specifically asks for bleed, margins, or crop marks. You may not ever need to use this file type.
  • Video: A video file, like a movie.
  • Gif: An animated image.

How to Download Your Design From Canva #

Open your design in Canva. In the upper right corner click “Download.” Click the drop-down menu under “File Type” and select the type of file you want to download. Optionally, you can download only certain pages from your file. If you only want to download certain pages from your design click the drop-down menu under “Select Pages” then check off the pages you want to download. Then, click “Download” to save to your computer.

Congratulations! You now know how to differentiate between the various file types available in Canva and how to save them to your computer.

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