The 5 Part Social Post Ecosystem Every Business Should Embrace

Written by: Keleigh Lauermann

The most important strategy you can have on social media is posting with purpose. When you work intentionally and have a clear purpose behind your posts you’re able to get more “bang for your buck” – more targeted results out of the effort you put in.

That’s why there are 5 social posts that everyone should include in their social media strategy:

  • Decision posts: Ask your audience to choose from two options: A or B?
  • Opinion posts: Ask your audience to share their unique thoughts on something
  • Authenticity posts: Relatable posts from your heart sharing your unique perspective
  • Offer posts: Share your product or service and directly ask for the sale
  • Value posts: Give value by helping your audience solve a problem or learn something

These 5 posts create a balanced social media ecosystem where they all work together to purposefully and intentionally market your business.

For example, Decision and Opinion posts are great for getting people to comment and engage which helps get your posts shown to more people. Authenticity posts create a strong personal connection between you and your audience. Value posts help your audience see you as an expert that they can trust, and Offer posts help you convert your now warm audience into happy customers!

See how all of these posts work together and rely on each other?

This ecosystem is the backbone of the Savvy Social Tribe. So when you log in to your Savvy Social Tribe Dashboard, you’ll notice that all 30 of this month’s posts are sorted into these 5 categories, making it really easy for you to implement this purposeful, proven plan.

Remember: Consistency and purpose are the keys to the social media kingdom!

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